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The Winery

The winery is located in the Heart of the Montenegrin wine country. 200+ sunny days per year and winemaking tradition since the Roman times.

Our wine-tasting and gastronomy tours are authentic local experiences where we partner with only the very best local producers and home cooks. Almost everything you will eat or drink has been home-grown, home-reared, home-made or home-caught – and believe us, you can taste the difference! Wines include red, white and rose. Click on each tour for availability and prices. All tours are lead by experienced, dual language guides.

We Respect the Land and Nourish the Ground as a First Step in the Creation of Wine.

We need to consider some main elements in the process

Podgorica & Skadar Lake region has a specific Terroir. The soil is mostly Terra Rosa with versatility of other great viticultural soil types. Weather is classic southern Mediterranean climate with great number of sunny days, which, in combination allows maximum yield of our grapes. 

The Soil




Sun & water

Grape Varieties

The Estate

We are located in heart of one of the most prominent viticulture region in the Balkans. Offering our visitors tastings, event organizing and tailor made tours. With accommodation available in our Villa, overlooking the vineyard, we are happy to welcome groups, couples, as well as solo travelers. Our winery offers options of takin participation in harvest and winemaking. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Process

1. Decide When It’s Time to Harvest the Grapes
2. Pick the Grapes
3. Destem the Grapes and Drop Them into the Fermenter Tank
4. Maceration and Fermentation
5. Drain and Pressing of the Must
6. Malolactic Fermentation
7. French Oak Aging and Racking
8. Bottling and Aging the Wine

Crushing & Pressing
Aging & Bottling

We have mastered the process of creating superb wines by embracing the knowledge and values of our family heritage.

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